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Aesthetics is our elegant way of expressing ourselves, a tradition started more than 100 years ago, from a family business transporting ceramic tiles by bicycle as a logistical means of transport, to the Tempini brand, a European leader in consolidating its position on the “beauty map”.

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Discover the history of Tempini: one hundred years of elegance and innovation

From humble beginnings in northern Italy to the present day, explore Tempini's story and discover how vision, inspiration and courage have transformed it into a leading interior design brand.

Tempini was founded in Brescia, northern Italy, in 1921, with a passion and values deeply rooted in the customs of the time. In that year, under the Bonometti Company’s plate, the first handmade ceramic tiles were sun-fired and hand-painted with great care.

The Tempini brand has become synonymous with sophistication, art and style in the homes and thoughts of locals. The road to what we now call inspiration, innovation and vision has been built with hard work, dedication and attention to detail, transforming the richness of craftsmanship into a legacy that has endured for 100 years, from generation to generation.


In Bonometti di Tempini’s small shop, days unfold in a setting that transcends time and space. Here, the paintbrush outlines the world of a close-knit family, where children grow up in the entrepreneurial spirit of Tempini. Play becomes craft, inspiration becomes a tool, and perseverance becomes the engine of progress.

The youngest members are curious and exploratory, not hesitating to spend time with those who reveal the mystery of ceramics to them, turning the game of art into a passion for beauty, culture and commerce.


The two brothers, Angelo and Enrico Tempini, were surrounded by people who inspired, guided and initiated them in the art of ceramics. Despite taking over the company when they were only 16 and 23 years old respectively, they have managed the social, economic and cultural transition successfully.

With faith in their own strengths, the two brothers set out on their journey with fresh visions and the courage to open big and very big doors. They have exceeded boundaries and expectations, surprised, adapted and built their own path and reputation today. This is the result of their strong vision, which paved Tempini’s way to success.


With the major development and technologization of the industry, the Tempini family business has transformed into a business specializing exclusively in ceramic products. The two brothers, Angelo and Enrico, have paved their way with confidence and vision, having the courage to produce and deliver large stocks of ceramic tiles, thus becoming the main suppliers in northern Italy.

During this period, Tempini began collaborating on his first international projects and weaving new ideas to open new horizons. Significantly, the walls in Milan began to be clad in Tempini ceramic tiles, which was a testament to the quality and confidence the company was able to inspire in the market.


Today, Europe is covered daily in more than 20,000 square metres of Tempini ceramic tiles, delivered and installed by more than 800 Tempini workers and employees. This impressive performance has led to a rapid rise to an international business based on sound development strategies and innovation in environmental design.

With each ceramic product made and each project delivered, Tempini continues to change, perhaps forever, the perception of handcrafted beauty. Born under the northern Italian sun, Tempini has become a benchmark name in the ceramic industry, offering high quality products and professional fitting services tailored to the needs of their customers worldwide.


With Tempini ceramic tiles creatively laid one by one, the Milan Water Tower has been transformed into the Torre Arcobaleno, revealing a new colorful, bright and full of personality façade. The restoration of this tower provided a new design landmark and became a defining element for the city of fashion.

Even though the tower was originally built for industrial purposes, Tempini’s imprint completely changed its appearance and turned it into a major tourist attraction. In addition, Tempini ceramic tiles have become a preferred material for important architectural projects such as City Life Milano and Bosco Verticale.


Developing Tempini’s business in Romania was an important decision for the Tempini brothers, as it put Timisoara on the environmental design map. This city is the place where the first Tempini showroom and the largest showroom in Eastern Europe was inaugurated.

This space is dedicated to collections that are always up to date and is open to the curiosity and needs of designers, architects and all those looking for high quality products and unique design. The Tempini showroom is a place where the individuality of each visitor is appreciated and encouraged.

Design elements and touches of refinement blend harmoniously in a museum-library-like atmosphere, where visitors can discover the history and tradition of ceramics, but also modern innovations. This perfect combination of tradition and modernity has made Tempini’s showroom an unmissable place for anyone passionate about interior and exterior design.


Tempini is a unique experience that opens up a new dimension of interior design. This brand has become an expression of uniqueness and a cultural value that offers a personal sense of home.

Today, Tempini’s ceramic tiles and decorative objects are considered home design concepts that are in line with the values proposed by the major Italian brands. These are displayed as true works of art, alongside other decorative elements such as wallpaper, parquet, decorative panels and ceramic sanitary ware.

Tempini’s space is more than a showroom or a luxury home. It is a welcoming home, where every room takes on authentic contours and defines luxury in a unique and surprising way. So Tempini is not just a brand of ceramic tiles, but a lifestyle that defines elegance, refinement and comfort at the highest level.


Tempini is always ready to take on challenges, solve logistical problems and bring the world’s largest ceramic slabs of huge dimensions to Romania for the first time.

With a strong slogan “We respect the past, but always look to the future”, Tempini has launched Magnum ceramic tiles, which represent a new dimension in environmental design. These huge ceramic tiles offer an “infinity” of possibilities for use in modern contemporary spaces, as they allow creativity to be free and develop its full potential.

With the launch of Magnum ceramic tiles, Tempini has once again demonstrated that big dreams attract big achievements, and the brand remains consistent in its desire to offer the best products and service to its customers worldwide. Also, the fourth generation of the family, Andrea Tempini, Angelo’s son, is starting out in the company.


In 2016, Tempini was welcomed into the home of Domnița Bălașa, daughter of Constantin Brâncoveanu, which became the place where the showroom in Bucharest was inaugurated – a tribute to tradition and noble customs.

Located on Frumoasă Street, Tempini’s second showroom respects and preserves the intimacy of the place, studying its history and current contextuality and matching them with the cultural richness that surrounds it.

The art of beauty is present in every corner of the house, even in the Tea Room, where precious materials, aesthetic balance and discussions with Tempini specialists become the confidants of every guest. This unique place offers an authentic and fulfilling experience for all who visit.


With the launch of the Cedit Ceramiche d’Italia brand, Tempini has introduced the concept of art on ceramic slabs to Timisoara, through capsule collections signed by famous authors and charged with living history. Thus, each plaque becomes a painting, and each space decorated with these plaques becomes an art gallery.

The collections are inspired by the living history of Persia and the culture of Italy, as well as the metamorphosis of elements that are subject to the passage of time and nature. They harmoniously combine creative avant-garde and craftsmanship with technological innovation, thus offering a unique and innovative style.

Each Cedit Ceramiche d’Italia ceramic tile is a masterpiece in itself, a piece of history forever imprinted, which can be admired and appreciated by all who cross the threshold of a space decorated with these tiles. With this collection of time capsules, Tempini consolidates its position as a leader in the production of ceramic tiles and decorative art of the highest quality.


Over the past 100 years, vision, inspiration and courage have carried our steps across Europe, leaving Tempini’s mark on the map of beauty. Today, Tempini is synonymous with experiences of style and elegance that exude a sense of home and represent a foray into the charm of the past, but with a keen sense of innovation and values deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of our heritage.

Over the years, Tempini has developed and delivered quality aesthetic solutions that incorporate best practices in design and technology. With an extensive portfolio of ceramic tile and decorative art collections, Tempini has established itself as a leading name in the field of interior design, and each project and collection represents a new experience of style with undeniable value in the field.

Throughout its 100 years, Tempini has always maintained respect for our heritage tradition and culture, but has always been open to new ideas and innovations, focusing on the value and quality of its products. Today, Tempini continues to create and deliver unique design experiences, full of art and elegance, that successfully blend tradition with innovation, making it an ideal choice for any interior design project.

Tempini also boasts countless collaborations with famous Romanian designers and architects, first-class people, people of culture, art and more.